What do you know about the "abs" in addition to the plank?

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How long can you hold on to the hot slab on weibo? A week can let your small abdomen flat, small make up do not know, but small make up know the method that can practice abdominal muscle still has a lot of, might as well see other method.

Actually, flat support this movement exercise is not abs, but the whole core muscle group, the most common way for abdominal muscle exercises volume abdomen, this action can effectively exercise the rectus, strengthen the waist abdomen strength, very suitable for the small white primer. To get a good muscle line, a single action is not enough. You need a variety of actions to stimulate muscle growth in many different ways. So common in the gym fitness equipment is all the more useful, and gym commercial single tend to be single-function, but exercise place is very accurate, the effect is more significant, such as abs board, Roman chair and abdominal proneness trainer is a common equipment of exercise abdominal muscles.

In addition, to exercise at home, in addition to being able to use all kinds of fitness equipment also can choose a few small equipment such as yoga ball, dumbbell, nutrilite abdomen round, such as exercise, a variety of sports orientation stimulus, different parts of the body with reasonable exercise intensity, abs is just around the corner!