What are the precautions for fitness in summer?

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The summer temperature is higher, the exercise should pay more attention to fitness equipment, exercise time and the choice of the intensity of exercise. Summertime fitness if choice for outdoor sports, as far as possible to avoid the high temperature at noon time, try to choose the morning or at dusk, this paragraph of time the light is weak, effectively avoid the occurrence of high temperature heat stroke, and so on and so forth. If choose to be in indoor fitness, can according to daily training time, remember to pay attention to add water can, after exercise should notice to do some relaxation exercise.

In terms of fitness equipment selection, you can choose a wide range of options, such as treadmills, fitness vehicles and power equipment, which can be carried out according to your training plan. The summer sports, the body metabolism too fast, exercise intensity should be moderate, the body feel tired, should have a rest, summer sports in addition to the moisture evaporates faster, many minerals will be lost as sweat, can eat some fruits and vegetables after motion to increase the intake of these minerals, ensure that your body needs nutrients.